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DIY Women’s Health: How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam

With more than 12% of all women predicted to develop breast cancer at some point during their life, it couldn’t be more important for every woman to become familiar with her own breasts and to know how to properly carry out a breast exam to make sure that any problem is spotted early. Early detection

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Tips for A Pain Free Period

How to Make Mother Nature’s Monthly Visit Bearable  Ladies, from the beginning of puberty until the end of the menopause, the majority of us will have an estimated 450 periods over our lifetimes, and for many women this can cause varying degrees of pain at certain points in the period cycle.   Period pain, or

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Fertility Facts – Keeping Tabs on Your Biological Clock

For many modern women, bearing children may often take a back seat to various personal and professional conquests such as career advancement, travel and various other activities aimed at self-actualization. This however does not mean that their fertility is not important as many would at some point at the very least want the option of

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Selecting the Birth Control Method That’s Right for YOU!

It’s important for women to make educated decisions about their methods of contraception, and in doing so, it is important to understand the variety of methods available on the market today. While family planning must be a voluntary decision with a perfect knowledge of your overall health- and in total agreement between you and your

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Having “The Talk” with Your Partner

In our culture, sex is everywhere. From billboards used to sell cheeseburgers to cable television steamy hookup scenes there seems to be an underlying primal component to our society. Being sexually active is a natural part of the human experience but it materializes in very real consequences for individuals who partake in unsafe practices. It

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Women’s Health Issues: Heart Disease | Chicago Women’s Health

Women’s Health Issues: Heart Disease   Women’s health issues are ongoing topics of discussion in both national and international political conversations – and among the staff at Women’s Aid Center. We strive to bring affordable, caring medical treatment to women of all ages in the Chicagoland area and as part of that mission, we want

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Working for Women’s Rights

Working for Women’s Rights At the Women’s Aid Center, we are proud to provide women in the Chicago area a more affordable alternative to many doctors’ offices and to focus on women’s health issues. Our mission is to “provide the support and care you deserve” and we believe this kind of treatment should be available

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How to Discuss an Unplanned Pregnancy

How to Discuss an Unplanned Pregnancy Whether you’re married with kids, dating, or a teenager, telling the people you love that you are pregnant and that it was unplanned can be a difficult conversation to have. No matter how you feel about the pregnancy – excited, scared, unhappy, thrilled – you’re trying to process your

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Handling Post-Abortion Depression

  Handling Post-Abortion Depression Many women experience depression at some point in their lives and, as most of us know, certain events can trigger depression more than others. Some women who choose to terminate a pregnancy do not experience depression but many others do. Today, we want to cover the topic of post-abortion/pregnancy termination depression because

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Understanding Roe v. Wade and Your Rights

Understanding Roe v. Wade and Your Rights For the last few years, a Supreme Court case from the 1970s has re-emerged as a topic of discussion and it seems as if it will continue to be debated and possibly even brought to court again in the next few years. But how much do we really

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Changes in Women’s Healthcare: What You Need To Know Now

Changes in Women’s Healthcare 2017: What You Need To Know Now We’ve heard from a lot of women that they are concerned about what’s going to happen to women’s health care in 2017, between a possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act, a Trump appointed new Supreme Court justice, and a Congress controlled by a

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