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About Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion or Dilation and Curettage (D&C) is performed between 6 to 13 weeks of pregnancy by vacuum aspiration method. This procedure is done by Board Certified gynecologists.

The patient chooses the type of anesthesia: local (cervix is anesthetized with Lidocaine shot) or twilight (IV Sedation). With IV Sedation you need about one hour of recovery and somebody has to drive you home. Also, you will not be able to drive for 24 hours following IV sedation.

We do not perform Surgical Abortions in our Clinic. We will gladly refer you to other clinics we work with.

Is surgical abortion safe?

Surgical abortion is safe but not 100%. Use of surgical instruments and Anesthesia make this procedure not totally risk free.

What’s local anesthesia?

The local anesthesia is the simplest and least expensive method. Injection of Lidocaine is used to numb the area where the surgery is taking place. This means your cervix will be numb, but you will still feel some cramping. The nurse and/or counselor will assist you in relaxing during the procedure.

What is twilight or IV Sedation?

Through the IV (intravenous) you will receive sedative medication to relieve your anxiety and produce a tranquil, asleep state. This sedation is recommended for women who have a very low tolerance to discomfort, nervous about the procedure or have never been pregnant before.

What should I expect after abortion?

For the next couple weeks, normal bleeding may vary between very light to heavy. Small blood clots may be passed. Your discharge may vary between bright red, pink and dark brown. If you experience extremely heavy bleeding (saturating 2-3 pads an hour) or if a clot passes that is a size of a half dollar or larger, please call the clinic.

Your menstrual period will return in 4-8 weeks unless you started taking birth control pills right after procedure.

You will need to have a follow up exam 2-3 weeks after your surgery.


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