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Lake Forest Abortion Clinic & Women’s Health

Women’s Aid Center is committed and driven to meet the needs of our patients, regardless of age, nationality, or culture. We do this in a comfortable environment that is completely confidential and understanding. Our clinic is women-owned and operated, boasting a team of board-certified doctors that are at the top of their fields in women’s health. To ensure all women in Lake Forest, Il, and the surrounding Chicagoland area continue to live a safe, happy, and healthy life, we provide a wide range of services.

Abortion Services in Lake Forest, IL

We respect every individual’s right to choose. Therefore, whether you have already decided to get an abortion or are still considering it and not sure whether or not it’s right for you, then contact Women’s Aid Center. When considering an abortion, our clinic completely understands this difficult situation. Our doctors and medical staff will listen to any concerns you may have while addressing all questions. If you decide to have an abortion, there are currently 2 types that can be used, depending on the stage of pregnancy you are in. Those include:

  • Medical abortion (the “abortion pill,” or RU-486) is available up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Learn More
  • Surgical or in-clinic abortion is available between 6 to 13 weeks after the start of your last menstrual period. We do not offer surgical abortion in our clinic. However, we can recommend a clinic that does.

Patients who visit our clinic regarding abortion or any other women’s health service are kept completely confidential. The only person that will have access to your records will be you or anyone you authorize. Additionally, patients do not have to seek permission from a parent or guardian. If you are considering terminating your pregnancy, contact Women’s Aid Center today.

Additional Women’s Health Services We Provide in Lake Forest, IL

Skilled and caring female healthcare professionals provide a lifetime of convenient and compassionate care for each stage of your life. From unexpected pregnancy and birth control to STD diagnosis & treatment and other concerns to women’s health, we are here to serve the women of Lake Forest, IL. At Women’s Aid Center, we provide a higher standard of care!
Women’s health services we provide:

  • Abortion Pill (Medical Abortion – Non-Surgical Abortion)
  • RU-486 (Abortion Pill)
  • Morning After Pill
  • Ella Pill
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Pap Smear Test, HPV & Colposcopy
  • Breast Cancer Screening
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Menstrual Cycle
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Vaginitis (Yeast or Bacterial Infection)
  • Menopause

Contact Women’s Aid Center for Abortion and Women’s Health Services in Lake Forest, IL

For a full list of the services we provide in Lake Forest, go here: Women’s Health Lake Forest. If you are in need of a warm, understanding, and safe women’s health facility, call Women’s Aid Center immediately @ 773.902.0869! We are a private clinic owned and managed by women specializing in women’s healthcare since 1976. If you are in Lake Forest, IL, contact Women’s Aid Center today. You can also schedule an appointment online directly by clicking here.


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