General Gynecologist and Women’s Health in Chicago, IL

women’s reproductive health The Women’s Aid Center is a family planning and general gynecology clinic in Chicago. This section describes, in detail, all important issues of women’s health.

A woman’s natural cycles may cause problems regarding fertility, menstruation, the female genitalia, and breasts. These conditions are specific to women, and they have to take great care in monitoring their bodies. In doing so, they will be able to avoid sexual and reproductive health issues. One way to do this is to have a regular gynecological exam.

What consists a gynecological exam?

The gynecologist performs a bimanual exam, going through the pelvis and the vagina. The procedure also includes a pap test and a breast examination.

How often should i see a gynecologist?

It depends on age, current health issues, future fertility plans and any history of sexually transmitted disease.

  • Young women ages of 18-30 years, should do it every year. If you plan to become sexually active, you should see a gynecologist first to discuss birth control options and safe sex practices.
  • For women over the age of 30 that have had at least three normal pap smears (a check for cervical cancer), a visit every two to three years is sufficient. Pap smears may be done more frequently, however, if a woman remains sexually active with more than one sexual partner.
  • Women over the age of 40 may need to be seen more frequently, particularly if they have high risk factors for certain kinds of cancers or genetic pelvic conditions.
  • After age 70, if there have been no problems and no new sexual partners, most women can stop regular visits

This section will give you a better knowledge and understanding of how to protect your health.

Let a trusted gynecologist in Chicago evaluate your health and perform a gynecological exam. Call Women’s Aid Center today to set an appointment.